Since June 2016, I’ve been the host, producer, and editor of She Explores, a show that showcases women’s experiences in the outdoors as they overlap with their everyday lives.


To date, She Explores has released 99 episodes featuring close to 300 women and their stories of spending time outside. It covers themes like mental health, entrepreneurship, thru hiking, conservation, outdoor careers, sexism, harassment, motherhood, and grief.

In its first two and a half years, She Explores has had over 2,500,000 downloads and averages 250,000 downloads quarterly.

this isn’t really what my podcast studio looks like but it’s a nice idea

this isn’t really what my podcast studio looks like but it’s a nice idea


When I started the show, I knew very little about podcasting, but I loved listening to them. I taught myself the basics and have been growing my skillset since. Some episodes are edited interviews with narration to push the conversation along. Some are more produced and recorded in the field with ambient sound. Some are centered around a theme with a variety of voices weighing in on the theme.

Here are a few I’m particularly proud of:


Grandma’s Ride

I worked with Taryn Eyton to produce this episode, which tells the story of her grandmother, Carol Eyton, and the bike tour Carol took with her best friend Billie during World War II.

Themes of memory, women’s rights, and generational concepts of adventure.

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Are you allowed to change your dream?

Produced in partnership with Subaru, recording took place at a retreat that She Explores produced with Field Scout in Marfa, TX.

Themes of ‘big life changes’, the way the outdoors helps us in life’s crossroads, and creative expression.

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The Musical Mountaineers

Features “The Musical Mountaineers” aka Anastasia Allison and Rose Freeman as they hike up to play their violin and keyboard for sunrise in the Cascades of Washington. Weaves in interviews with Anastasia and Rose on the intention behind their music.

Themes of creative partnership, conservation, and expression.

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Women on the Road

I also help produce Women on the Road, a podcast hosted by and executive produced by Laura Hughes about life on the road from the feminine perspective.


I taught Laura what I knew about podcasting and she’s run with it: Laura takes the lead on production and first edit, while I complete the final audio mix and edits.

To date, Women on the Road has released over 40 episodes.

Laura Hughes (L) and myself (R) in the field; photo by Jules Davies

Laura Hughes (L) and myself (R) in the field; photo by Jules Davies



Podcast ads should be compelling, little episodes in themselves, but they’re not always. I think the best kind of ads are both fun to produce and to listen to later.

Here’s one of my favorites: